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Nola Zero Energy Design (NolaZED) is a forward thinking energy modeling, energy systems design and consulting firm with a focus on Integrated Power Systems for residential and commercial construction projects.

We look at all buildings as a system; from the design and construction details of the building envelope, lighting system, heating and cooling, and hot water system, to concerns about Indoor Air Quality and comfort. Every component of the building system is optimized for the least amount of energy usage as the building performs its functional purpose.

Specializing in Building Science and Energy Efficient Technologies specific to local climates, NolaZED can assist in all phases of the design and construction process for residential and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to maximize the potential of existing mechanical system technology and construction methodologies facilitating the design and construction of the most cost effective structure possible, including energy use cost, over the life of the building.

By combining our extensive knowledge of best practices in building construction with the specification of high quality materials, workmanship supervision, and design assistance, NolaZED is able to work with you from conception to completion and commissioning of your building.

With the addition of Renewable Energy Technologies we can help you achieve the goal of building a truly Net Zero Energy Building, and beyond. Constructing a building that has the ability to sustain a level of survivability and comfort during times of disasters, when there is no available electrical power or other utilities, is affordable and possible today.

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